The Ultimate Summer BBQ Guide

The Ultimate Summer BBQ Guide


We love an occasion to BBQ here in the UK.  In our household, the first sign of good weather and we’re in the garden, cooking away alfresco!  It’s a great way to combine casual dining and great weather.  During this lockdown, we’ve probably had more dinners in the garden than in the house.  You just can’t beat barbecued food and salad for dinner!



benefits of a gas bbq

We’ve used a gas barbecue for many years because gas is cheaper than charcoal and because it’s super easy to clean up after the cooking.  No hot coals to dispose of.  It also heats at a really even temperature so MrLovely finds it easier to ensure the food is cooked.  You also don’t have to wait for the charcoal to get hot.  A gas bbq is hot and ready to cook on in around 2 minutes, or something crazy quick.  As the heat is regulated, if things are starting to look like they’re burning, you can turn the heat down.  They’re very accessible too.  You can pop into your local B&Q to pick up one of these.

BBQ Tools

It’s good to invest in a few key pieces to make barbecuing a pleasure.  It’s also good to invest in a few key pieces that are designed for outdoor cooking and are good quality and will stand the test of time.

barbecue tools

These ones from Amazon are great quality and are a reasonable price for everything you get inside.

Hygiene is paramount when cooking on a barbecue.  Be sure to keep raw foods and cooked foods apart and use separate utensils and chopping boards for raw and cooked also.  It’s not fun when you’re throwing up with food poisoning.

A meat thermometer is a very good idea to ensure food is cooked through properly.  Again, these are easy enough to find.


Tableware & Serveware

We have eco-friendly plates for when we’re eating alfresco.  They’re pretty and fictional and most importantly, it doesn’t matter if they’re dropped.  You can see them here.  We also always use cutlery because it feels like a nicer dining experience than having to use your fingers.  Finally, cotton napkins make a nice touch.



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