Why Cycling Is Better Than Running

I’ve always enjoyed cycling.  Ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.  I remember my first blue bike from when I was about five-years-old and flying around the area I lived on it.  I do not like walking.  It’s far too slow.  Running has also been something I’ve enjoyed in the past, but which is better for you?




Running Vs Cycling

  • Running is a high impact sport so whilst you might end up with muscle strain, you burn more calories running than you do than cycling.  However, the toll it takes on your knees and hips is far greater than that of cycling.
  • You don’t end up with butt ache from running.  Every time I go cycling, I have to wear padded shorts because bike seats are not usually very comfortable.  You don’t need any equipment at all to go running.
  • You don’t get bugs in your mouth when you’re running.  At least, not as many as you do when you’re cycling.  Open your mouth to say something and you’re suddenly full of insects.  Yuck.
  • You need to wear a helmet when you’re cycling to protect your head but when you’re road cycling, the tendency is to wear lycra which offers no protection at all.  Not good when on a bike you can be travelling in excess of 40 miles per hour.
  • You can really injure yourself if you fall off of a bike if you fall off of your feet, you really only need to fret about a twisted ankle or a grazed knee.
  • Bike riding gear and the actual bicycle can be really expensive.




Who Am I Kidding?

Cycling is far better, in my opinion.  It doesn’t have to be expensive because you can buy a bike second hand from a plethora of sites, including Facebook Marketplace!  In fact, MrLovely managed to purchase a road bike, a helmet and two sets of lycra attire for less than the cost of a pair of mid-range running shoes.

I think I’m always going to be a cyclist over a runner.

Thanks for reading.  Please check out my other lifestyle-related posts.

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