How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep


My quest for sleep has often been erratic.  I’ve spent several years of my life being an insomniac and then my daughter developed this habit of not sleeping so I feel like this household is a bit of an authority on getting a good night’s sleep.


Your Bedroom & Bed

Personally, I always like to have my window open.  All-year-round.  This drives MrLovely nuts but I really like to be able to smell the fresh air from my bedroom.  At our windows, we have blackout curtains to make sure the light outside doesn’t wake up me too early during the summer months.  Your bedroom should be an optimum temperature of between 15-19 degrees Celcius.

We’ve just invested in a new mattress and it makes a huge difference to our sleep.  This one is so comfortable.  It wasn’t very expensive but it’s been a gamer changer.  We also use pure cotton bed sheets and duvet covers with a high thread count  You spend a lot of time in bed so it isn’t a place to skimp.


Electronics Off

Exposure to blue light before bed can keep you awake.  This means to switch the TV off and keep off of your devices.  According to the sleep council,

It has a short wavelength that stimulates sensors in the eyes to send signals to your brain’s internal clock – tricking it into thinking its daytime. Blue light is beneficial in daylight hours as it boosts mood, reaction times and concentration.

Here Come The Good Bits!

So these are the things that I personally use to get a good night’s sleep.  They really help me.

I use my essential oil diffuser with my SOiL organic sleep blend in it.  I don’t have the light turned on at bedtime.

essential oil diffuser for sleep

I also use a pillow spray in the morning to freshen up my bedding.  Either the REN & Now To Sleep one or the Neal’s Yard Remedies Goodnight Pillow Mist.  Before getting into bed, I’ll give myself a spritz of this Magnesium Spray because we often lack magnesium and it can really affect our sleep.


I really hope these tips help you get a good night’s sleep.  I know how awful being awake all night is.

Please check out my last post on why I use natural deodorants.  You can find more sleep tips from here.

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