Why We Only Use Natural Deodorants

Why We Only Use Natural Deodorants


The Backstory

I’ve been a fan of green beauty for the last six years and I’ll tell you why.  It all started when my daughter was eight, we were getting dressed after a shower and she asked to use my deodorant after watching me spraying mine on.  I was mortified and said no.  I didn’t want my perfect daughter putting toxins on her skin.  I realised that was hypocritical and I needed to set an example.  I then researched in ingredients in the antiperspirants that I was using and how we needed to choose better ingredients and why.


An Antiperspirant

Firstly, at the time, I was using a spray antiperspirant which isn’t great for the environment and the cans aren’t recyclable.  Secondly, they are really bad for you.  Sweating is our bodies way of releasing from our bodies.  If you stop this process, the toxins have nowhere to but the lymph nodes and the breast tissue that are in that area.  Antiperspirants use aluminium which is a neurotoxin to stock our bodies from sweating.  The frequent use of an antiperspirant causes an accumulation of aluminium in the breast tissue.

Antiperspirants also usually contain parabens.  Parabens are synthetic chemicals that are used in antiperspirants to stop your sweat from smelling by preventing bacteria.  Bacteria is also good for our skin in some cases.

Parabens are linked to birth defects, organ toxicity, and an increase in hormonal-related cancers including breast cancer.

Parabens are also known to mimic oestrogen.  Don’t think the dangers just apply to women, men are just as at risk as women.  They also have breast tissue and lymph nodes.

deodorant antiperspirant men

Do you find these facts scary?  I hope so.



We started off by making our own and have tried various different things.  We’ve tried just plain arrowroot powder, bicarbonate of soda, a mixture using coconut oil and the aforementioned ingredients and now we just buy them.  We tried most of the ones on the market and will share with you at some point the best ones.

Thanks for reading.  Please check out my last post on the Ultimate Summer BBQ.

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